Add Reviews on your Wix Site

Install a free version of MyReviews now

If you would like to improve your customer loyalty and awareness by displaying and collecting Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews you have reached the right place. On Wix it takes minutes to add all of this to your site with MyReviews.


  1. Fast and effortless integration with Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews
  2. No coding required
  3. It takes 1 minute to set up on your Wix site
  4. A full FAQ section, our Youtube videos and direct support are available if you have questions

Play the video below and

As shown on the video above, it is as easy as :

  1. Add MyReviews on your website directly from the Wix App Market
  2. Access the MyReviews settings by double clicking on the widget and go on the Facebook setup
  3. Login using the Facebook button to allow access to your profile and pages, then when the pages are listed select the one you want to configure. You need to be a page admin to see it on this list.
  4. Configure Google reviews by searching for your business by name and location or by searching using the Google Place ID
  5. Configure Yelp by searching for your business by name and location. Your Yelp page needs to have reviews already.
  6. You can now customise the design and number of reviews you would like to display.