Setup my business on Yelp

Yelp is a great business directory site with a stunning 102 million visits per month and a great platform to ask your clients to share how a great experience they have had when using your business services and/or products. As Yelp states, 9+ out of 10 of their millions of users do consult Yelp before making a purchase.

Claiming or adding your business on Yelp

In order to improve your reputation,and starting collecting a great number of reviews from your customers, through a Yelp page you need to add one or if a page has already been created for your business you can claim it as your.

Adding a your page is as simple as

  • Click the Get Started link by visiting
  • Search for your business, if present you can try to claim it or if it has not been added yet on the platform you can click Add New
  • Now you will need to confirm your account details, email, password and follow the instructions on the page to complete your business profile. Ensure you use the correct business category, add the great variety of top quality photos about your business services and products, use captions correctly in the photos to best describe their content, correct business opening hours details are added on the page and last but not least a great statement about what your business mission is in the “From business” section.
  • Verify your account, Yelp will send you a verification code when you create your account and this could be through email or call to your phone number.

Once the above is done you will need to wait for the validation process to be completed. Once your page has been verified you will be able to access it at a URL ( website link ) such as the below:

Adding my Yelp reviews on site with MyReviews

As described in our FAQs you can add your Yelp reviews using MyReviews as easily as just searching for your business by name and location. The search is more accurate if your business name is very specific but if you search with the right location, for instance Dallas if this is the city where your business is at, then you will be able to find it easily.

Notice: Your business need to be verified and also you need to have at least 1 reviews in your page. If you have just added your page and received 1 review already please notice that this will be verified also by Yelp and it might be taken down if Yelp thinks it is not a genuine review.

It takes sometime for Yelp to fully verify a review so if you are still unable to find your business on our Yelp search please wait for a few to 24 hours after the review has been posted to ensure Yelp has indeed propagated your page data to all its systems. The page might be visible in the meantime on the Yelp site but still not showing up on the MyReviews search.

You can also show a carousel when you have 2 or more reviews such as this one

MyReviews Smiles carousel with Yelp demo data

Ask for your first review

As suggested by Yelp, proactively asking for reviews all the times or also doing it by offering freebies in exchange is not a good practice and it might hurt your business in the long run. Yelp is quite careful with validating reviews so I suggest you read here a more extended article on why not to ask for reviews .

We suggest you make an exception at least for the first review, so please ensure you have at least one review on your profile so you can add Yelp on MyReviews. It is very important that the reviews are indeed genuine, so please ensure they are from actual customers and not yourself or a friend as Yelp might remove it.

We are always here to help

If you need any help with MyReviews setup and if you have done all of the above feel free to contact us and send your Yelp page URL so we can confirm if it is indeed verified and how to find it on our system.