New Features

New MyReviews Google Integration

Since the end of 2019 we have developed and integrated a new way to add your Google reviews. The new experience includes these new features:

  1. Connect to your Google account to select your page/place and show reviews on your website with MyReviews
  2. The old way has a limit of showing up to 5 reviews. The new integration will pull all the reviews from your Google Place.
  3. No confusion when searching for a business. Previously MyReviews users were confused if they could not find their business. This was very common for users not aware that a Google Place is not just the same as the road address or for Google Places set up as a SAB (Service Area Business) as these are usually hidden and cannot be found using the standard Google tools. Using the new connect experience will help in avoiding any confusion because users will just be able to connect their location straight away.

Notice that the new way of connecting to your Google data might expire and we will ask you to refresh the access by editing your app again. This will not break your site, reviews will still be served but not updated with new ones until the access is restored.

For further details please see how to connect your Google Place.