How fast is MyReviews going to load on my Wix website?

MyReviews uses high performance servers and the code is vetted for performance on every release. We do use Google PageSpeed and we have an amazing track record of loading your reviews as fast as possible. Below you can see our rating is 98 our of 100 which is great for any app.

MyReviews fast pagespeed test 98 index result
When looking at your site speed we do suggest you use a structured tool like Pagespeed to measure what might be causing your site speed to slow down.

Some elements to keep in mind are:

  1. Wix SDK/Site template footprint
  2. Website assets (images, videos etc)
  3. Website design (how is the layout affecting your initial page load, for instance the above the fold loading time)
  4. Servers load, configuration, infrastructure etc (some temporary issues might be affecting your site)

There might definitely be more points to look at in relation to how to optimise a website speed. For any site specific issue on Wix we do suggest you contact Wix support if you have any concerns.