I am searching for my Yelp business but I cannot find it in the MyReviews search results

Even if a business exists on Yelp, it needs to have at least a review before it will be returned in the results search.
If you have reviews in your Yelp page and still cannot find it on MyReviews please:

  • Ensure your review is genuine, Yelp might perform validation of the reviews. This can cause the business not to be visible until the review is verified and also might result in the review being removed.
  • Do not leave a review on your own Yelp page but ask your customers if they could kindly leave one for your business.
  • Once the review is present and is a genuine review please wait a few to 24 hours and our system should then be able to see your Yelp business.
  • If none of the above worked please contact us to help trobleshooting