I have registered/verified my Google Business but it is still not being returned in the MyReviews search.

Verify you Google Place

Google constraints exposing some of their business listing information if the business is not “verified”. Google does a fairly strict check, i.e. by post, to verify the business address. Please make sure your business is verified or our application will not be able to see your business in the results. To verify your business please check these instructions .

Service Area Business is not found (SAB)

If your business is set up as a Service Area Business (SAB), you will not find it by name but you can find your Google Place ID and use it within MyReviews search on Wix.

Configure your Google setting by using the Place ID

You can follow the instructions on this page to find your business Place ID. Steps required:

  1. Find the Place ID of your Google page
  2. Instead of searching using the name of your business on the settings page please try using the Google Place ID
    Set up Google Place in MyReviews using Place IDs
    Google Place ID setup in MyReviews

Find the place ID from Google

If the page is not found using the method above please find the Place ID using the instructions below or as a last resort you can ask Google Support.  Steps:

  1. Go to https://business.google.com/manage/
  2. Click on your business, where it says ‘Manage’ scroll down and click on a location from list of available locations
  3. Get the Page – Click the link to View on Google Maps.Copy the link in the browser and send it to us
  4. Get the Search -Click the link to View on Google Search. Copy the link in the browser and send it to us

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a business unless the information above is provided and it is correct.

You can also add your Google Place by using the URL/site address of the Google Place as explained here.

Still stuck? You can always contact us for support if you are still unable to find your business using the method above.