MyReviews Features That Can Get You Going

Wix is a very well-known platform that contains a lot of design and integration solutions. You can create your online store, add marketing tools, numerous business apps, forms, galleries, and other social segments that can bring about lots of business reviews and recommendations for any business to have success in it.

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Since Wix has a lot of tremendous ways to have a boost in business these can be in the form of business builders, wix events, wix bookings etc. Hence, you definitely need the right approach to make it so popular that it can get you recommendations and business reviews too. MyReviews is the one that can get you all that you want in the most perfect way whether it is business reviews or different varied recommendations too. These features are given as follows

  • Options for Adding My Reviews On Wix Easily

You can add the Wix App to your site very easily and get loads of advantages that can display all your Google and Yelp reviews. See a demo of the MyReviews app on a Wix site. The app is easily available on the Wix market. MyReviews is surely a great addicting to all your Wix sites.

  • Wix Control Panel for Seamlessly Easygoing Configuration to Get Thing Started Up Really Quick

This is the first step to implementing the bridge between more and better business reviews to drive even better results etc. This is why there is a dedicated control panel that has been designed for the configuration process. The Google and Yelp places can be added straight away from the control panel so that all your customer feedback is never missed. This will make sure that the most important and valued reviews are always there to help you improve your customer base and expand it alongside as well.

  • Designs That Are Fully Customizable to The Core to Make You Feel Different and Unique of Them All

This is the option that provides you with a lot of different ways to have more and more of your business to be attractive and unique. You can have your very own choice in your business’ design and change anything or any element that you want to as well. MyReviews can be changed and made into any form that you like and that you think fits well according to your business’ nature and description.

The look and feel can be changed through various backgrounds, borders, and even colors as well. You can also change the logo styles too.

  • Mobile friendly

MyReviews is compatible with mobile browsing straight out the box. You should configure the MyReviews application in your site editor as available in mobile view to enable the application. Once done browse your site and MyReviews will be responsively render and fit perfectly on your mobile screen in both portrait and landscape mode.