Your Guide To MyReviews For Wix

Whether it is a hotel business or a traveling site, electronic merchandise or any other nature of business, all companies need to have great business reviews and recommendations if they need to be on the top. It is these business reviews that can get more and more people to try the out and then later on share their own experiences if they wish to do so too. These can also be recommendations which can drive about a lot more business than usual.

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Even though people say that business reviews and recommendations can be forged or fake but no one can deny that they do boost up your business fairly well. Thus, their importance can just not be denied. In fact, they need to be properly viewed and paid attention to, if one wants to have great profits.

This is exactly where MyReviews can help you get the best. It is as easy as adding an extension or snippet to your browser and viola there you go to access all the features. There are a lot of queries that Wix users can have while using it. But it is the easiest way to add in reviews to your site.

What You Need to Have?

You might be thinking that there would be a lot of prerequisites but there is only one and even that too is very obvious. If you have your business registered, you need to have some reviews on Google, Yelp or Facebook so that they can be displayed effectively and efficiently through our applications for Wix. That is about it all to enjoy the benefits of it all.

What About Refund?

While our whole team is always there ready to be contacted and support you in case of any troubleshooting, still if you want to have a refund, it is no problem at all. All you need to do is go to you Wix panel and request a refund for the application so that all things can be directly handled by Wix for you.

Tips for Google, Yelp and Facebook

The same goes for both Google, Yelp and Facebook. If you want to have reviews to be collected and displayed, you need to be registered with Google by visiting the Google My Business page or following given instructions for claiming and verifying your business.

When it comes to Yelp, all you need is to be registered and have reviews in it to be displayed. However, as per Yelp, only three reviews will be displayed, although Google allows up to five.

Facebook reviews live inside a page, so register your page, start collecting reviews and you can then add them to MyReviews.

Some Quick Benefits Include

  • Usage as easy as adding a snippet to your website – see the overview
  • No efforts or knowledge background required for any type of coding
  • Independent of the nature of the business to get great and important reviews
  • Great support for¬†an easy and seamless installation, just contact us if in doubts
  • Awesome and numerous customizable designs for the uniqueness of business – see examples in out Instagram

Hence, with all the many features available for valued Wix users, make sure you get going as soon as you want the profit to start coming in!