I have new reviews but they are not appearing on MyReviews yet. Do I need to update it?

Although the reviews do not update straight away they are pulled in regularly.
You do not need to check the setup as it is all done automatically.
We implement a caching layer that lasts approximately 24 hours.
This allows the app to serve the reviews faster for all users of your website and not break T&Cs with Google, Facebook, Yelp.
If we did not have this in place your website performance would be affected as well as your user experience.
Also notice that the reviews you are seeing might be given by ordering and priority setting forced by the external sites, for instance:
  • Facebook will show the latest reviews
  • Google will show latest reviews. – Have you switched to the new Google Integration yet?
  • Yelp uses its own ordering, so it is not predictable, up to 3 reviews.
If you still see outdated reviews after 48 hours please check your Google, Facebook access on the appĀ  or contact us with your site and pages details.